Organizers' Toolbox

If you would like to learn more about how to organize a workshop, you are invited to explore the resources listed here:

Organization of a Joint Learning Program Workshop

  • Organizing a Joint Learning Program Workshop PDF DOC
  • Organizers' Checklist PDF DOC
  • Tips for a Greener Workshop PDF DOC
  • Organizers & Facilitators: Working Together PDF DOC
  • Organizer - Financial Guidelines PDF

Workshop Description, Posters and Questionnaires

  • NEW! Poster to promote the "Empowering Conversations" Discussion Series PDF

  • Duty to Accommodate DOC
  • Employment Equity DOC
  • Labour–Management Consultation DOC
  • Mental Health in the Workplace DOC
  • Preventing Harassment and Violence in the Workplace DOC
  • Respecting Differences and Anti-Discrimination DOC
  • Understanding the Collective Agreement DOC

General Information for Organizing a Workshop