Program Objectives

The Joint Learning Program (JLP) will have been successful if, over the course of the next two years, we have made progress towards the following outcomes:

  1. Open and increased support for the JLP involving:
    • An enthusiastic and positive response to the Program by unionized members and management representatives;
    • New jointly led/delivered initiatives;
    • Broader access to learning opportunities for federal public workers;
    • Being a model for outside organizations;
    • More stable and permanent resources for ongoing work in the area of joint learning;
    • The development of new mechanisms for delivering joint learning initiatives;
    • Complement and promote the parties' respective learning programs;
    • Evaluation tools are in place which demonstrate that the Program is meeting it's objectives.
  2. More efficient and effective labour/management relations with enhanced trust between the parties, culminating in:
    • An increased understanding of the role of the parties in the workplace as indicated by, better communications within and between the parties, and a more cooperative approach to resolving workplace issues;
    • Increased visibility and credibility for the union and management in the workplace;
    • A less stressful work environment;
    • Greater openness in the workplace.
  3. Enhanced job satisfaction encompassing:
    • A more balanced workload;
    • Common recognition of the successes of public sector workers and of both the Union and the Employer;
    • Increased pride in work accomplishments;
    • A more valued public service.