Understanding the Collective Agreement

Your collective agreement is an indispensable tool.

1-Day Workshop

This one-day workshop will enhance your understanding of this important document. You will get to know some of its key provisions as the workshop introduces you to an easy, four-step approach to collective agreement interpretation. Using case studies, you will practice applying the collective agreement to real workplace situations, while considering the intention of the parties and identifying the resources at your disposal.

This workshop will not only provide you with the skills to continue working with your own collective agreement, it will provide a rare opportunity for all those who work with collective agreements – from the unions and management – to come together and discuss their perspectives.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the workshops are

  • to familiarize participants with the reasons for the changes to the collective agreement and to outline strategies to remain updated on the contents of the collective agreement
  • to identify the key features of a collective agreement and ways to improve participants' knowledge on the agreement
  • to use the four-step approach to determine the meaning of collective agreement provisions and consider the intention of the parties when interpreting and applying the agreement
  • to enhance problem-solving skills in the workplace through the application of the four-step approach

Target Audience

The audience for this workshop is union members of the Core Public Administration and their supervisors and managers.