Facilitate a Workshop: The Opportunity


The Joint Learning Program (JLP) invites Union members of the Core Public Administration and their Employer counterparts to join its dynamic team of workshop facilitators. As a JLP facilitator, you will be part of a volunteer cadre of Public Service employees who are contributing to improved labour-management relations and healthier federal government workplaces.

When you become a JLP facilitator, you will join a community of more than 1,500 Union and Employer facilitators across Canada who have participated in the JLP since 2002. JLP facilitators work in many different kinds of jobs and represent almost all federal government departments. Some of them hold Union positions, some of them are managers and executives, and all of them are connected by a common interest in working collaboratively to inspire positive change in their workplace.

Through their involvement with the JLP, many facilitators tell us that they experience personal growth and a renewed commitment to their public service careers. They develop new skills and form new friendships. And they get great satisfaction from successfully co-facilitating learning events that create a space for dialogue among their peers.

If you are selected as a potential JLP facilitator, you will attend a five-day facilitation training session that provides you with a strong foundation of facilitation skills. You will work jointly with union and employer representatives and you will experience an overview of the JLP program and learning materials. With the exception of salary and overtime (if applicable), which are paid by your department, all costs for this training (including travel and accommodation, if required) will be paid by the JLP.