Preventing Harassment and Violence in the Workplace

Help build a healthy and respectful work environment

1 Day Workshop

This one-day workshop has been designed to raise awareness and develop a common understanding about what harassment and violence in the workplace is and what actions to take when it occurs. It will examine the new Canada Labour Code health and safety provisions on harassment and violence in the workplace and the human rights framework under the Canadian Human Rights Act. Precedent setting cases will be reviewed through case studies and the respective roles and responsibilities of the union, the employer and individual employees will be clarified. You will leave with a strong commitment to building safe, healthy, inclusive and respectful workplaces.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the workshop are to

  • Increase awareness of what generally constitutes harassment
  • Become familiar with the legal definitions of harassment and violence in the workplace that are included in the human rights and health and safety legislation
  • Explore how the health and safety framework specifically relates to domestic violence in the workplace
  • Clarify the respective roles and responsibilities of the union and the employer in preventing harassment and violence from occurring in the workplace and, if harassment does occur, to explore the different options available for resolution
  • Discuss how diversity, inclusion and respect are key factors to prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Determine personal and collective actions to ensure workplaces are safe, inclusive, respectful and free of harassment and violence

Target Audience

The target audience for this workshop will be unionized employees of the Core Public Administration and their supervisors and managers.