December 14, 2012

Coming up: Orientation Sessions in the NCR
As a result of the increased demand for workshops, the NCR will have two orientation sessions in 2013. The first one is an English session scheduled for the week of February 18 2013. The second one is a French session scheduled for the week of April 15 2013.

When you become a JLP facilitator, you join a community of more than 1,500 union and employer facilitators across Canada who have participated in the JLP since 2002. JLP facilitators work in many different kinds of jobs and represent almost all federal government departments. Some of them hold union positions, some of them are managers and executives, and all of them are connected by a common interest in working collaboratively to inspire positive change in their workplace.

If you are intrested in becoming a JLP facilitator, please fill the online application. If you are considerd as a potential JLP facilitator, the Regional Field Coordinators will contact you for an interview. All potential facilitators must participate in a five-day facilitator orientation session.

When JLP organizes an orientation session, it tries to ensure a balance of union and employer participants. It also considers equity representation, location, workshop interests, suitability, availability, and manager support in determining whether to invite you to a particular orientation session.

Through their involvement with the JLP, many facilitators tell that they experience personal growth and a renewed commitment to their public service careers. They develop new skills and form new friendships. And they get great satisfaction from successfully co-facilitating learning events that create a space for dialogue among their peers.

Please contact either Linda Iezzi (613-560-2984) or Alex Roussakis (613-560-4358) the Regional Field Coordinators for the NCR, if you have any questions.


Letter of Understanding with the Canadian Space Agency
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Natural Resources Union recently signed an agreement with the Joint Learning Program for the delivery of the Creating a Harassment-free Workplace workshop to all CSA employees over the period of January 1, 2013, to June 20, 2014.

To reach the objective to deliver the workshop to the 672 CSA employees, the Agency will provide six facilitators, three of them representing the Union and the other three standing for the Employer.


Facilitator Refresher Clinic in the Prairies and Northwest Territories Region
Carol Casey and Judy Freeman, Prairies and Northwest Territories Regional Field Coordinators, congratulate Joint Learning Program facilitators on their participation in the region’s second Refresher Clinic which took place on December 5-6, 2012 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Pictured are facilitators Doug Gros, Gina Giessmann, Darcey Ladan, 
Jaclyn Lee, Peter Luzige, Corrinne Mitchell, Nancy Grant, Richanda Fisher, 
Layce Zubriski, Michelle Phaneuf
, and Alex Kozubal


Orientation Session in Montreal - New Facilitators 
Quebec and National Capital Regions recently welcomed 19 new facilitators including those from Memorandum of Understanding between the JLP and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Natural Resources Union as well as the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Customs Immigration Union. Linda Iezzi, Alex Roussakis, Carolle Lajoie and Manon Bouchard, Regional Field Coordinators are welcoming new facilitators : François Dégardin, Édith Lafrenière, Diane Lajoie, Claude Lavoie, Chantal Loubier, Marie-Josée Potvin, Natalie Rainville, Marie-Josée Rouleau, Murielle Swift, and Natacha Tanguay, Quebec Region; Valérie Audet-Lapointe, Michelle Bastien and Marie-Claude Chevalier NCR; Benoit Hébert, CBSA, Quebec Region; and Jean Pierre Arseneault, Mirlène Gilles, Catherine Guay, 
Michelle Leblond
 and Richère Martel, CSA, Quebec Region.

The facilitators’ Orientation Session was held in Montreal, from November 26 to 30. The session was facilitated by Marcia Vergara, JLP Monique Bernier, Service Canada, and Audrey Concilio, Correctional Service Canada.

The Participants


JLP Kiosk at the PSAC Leadership Summit
The JLP held an information kiosk at the PSAC Leadership Summit on Friday, November 30 which was visited by approximately 100 PSAC members. During this event, the JLP attended the Social Justice Fair to discuss the Program with non-governmental organisations such as Amnesty International, Oxfam Canada, etc. Overall comments were very positive and all found the JLP to be a great initiative.


Prairie Region at the National Managers’ Community Manitoba Region Forum
The JLP Prairie Region held a kiosk at the National Managers’ Community Manitoba Region Forum, on November 22, in Winnipeg. The one day event was designed to facilitate learning, networking and sharing best practices in the current challenging times. Approximately 200 Public Service managers, supervisors, and aspiring leaders attended this event.

The event allowed for an opportunity to connect with the Employer and Union members. The kiosk was set up to promote the JLP, hand out JLP promotional information and engage in discussions with participants.