JLP at the APEX Leadership Symposium 2018

The JLP had the opportunity to promote its unique program to public service executives at APEX’s 30th anniversary Symposium. The event covered a wide spectrum of topics, including executive well-being, diversity and inclusion which are themes covered by some of the JLP workshops.

The Program’s Co-Directors, Catherine Gilbert (union) and Roxanne Lépine (employer) were accompanied by the JLP Communication and Promotion Officer, Chantal Sirois.

Many executives were familiar with the Program while others showed great interest in the opportunity to offer workshops in their organization and to encourage employees to become facilitators. 

Continued support from the Public Service’s senior executives is key to the success of the JLP.

Chantal Sirois, Roxanne Lépine and Catherine Gilbert
Chantal Sirois, Roxanne Lépine and Catherine Gilbert