JLP launches new discussion series Empowering Conversations

The Joint Learning Program (JLP) has launched a new series of facilitated discussions to address the challenges public service employees are facing in these changing times.

Custom designed by the JLP, the new discussion series will address important concerns of public service employees and their managers. In a series of facilitated conversations, employees and their managers will discuss their different situations, ongoing stressors during the pandemic, and ways of moving forward and rebuilding the workplace in the post COVID-19 world.

The JLP’s mandate is to foster and facilitate dialogue between employees and managers. During this time, this is needed now more than ever. There is a renewed sense of collaboration and a hunger for connection. Considering the impact of physical distancing and isolation on mental health and wellness and to foster a sense of community in COVID - 19 times, Empowering Conversations creates spaces for focussed, honest discussions about the impact the pandemic has had on employees and their families.

Each discussion in the series stands alone. The first and second are 90 minutes long, while the third is three hours in total.

Grounding Ourselves in Uncertain Times (1.5 hours - online)
This discussion aims to help participants

  • Discuss experiences and identify stressors
  • Share tools for managing health during isolation
  • Build stronger online connections, networks and relationships

Returning to the Workplace: Now what? (1.5 hours - online)
The second discussion will help participants

  • Review the available departmental information about the return to work
  • Identify questions and information needed
  • Begin planning for returning to work

Rebuilding and Reconnecting, Post COVID-19 (3 hours – online/in-person)
The third discussion in the series will enable participants to

  • Reconnect with their colleagues in the post COVID-19 world
  • Discuss fears and opportunities for growth
  • Plan for rebuilding the workplace

To request a facilitated discussion from the Empowering Conversations series, please contact your local Regional Field Coordinator, or visit the JLP website.