JLP statement on workshops during COVID-19

As always, the JLP remains strongly committed to honouring its mandate by delivering high-quality workshops that improve labour-management relations. We accomplish this by offering face-to-face workshops where participants can be in the same room as each other and their facilitators.

However, the JLP recognizes the reality of these difficult and uncertain times where we cannot guarantee the safety of our participants and facilitators in face-to-face settings. The well-being of our participants and facilitators is a priority and we will resume our regular program offerings only when it is deemed safe to return to face-to-face.

The JLP will continue to look at options on how to best support employees and their managers during a time where everyone is not necessarily on the worksite. We remain committed to delivering quality learning opportunities on important topics that are relevant to the needs of public-service employees and management.

We are very eager to start offering workshops in person once again. However, the safety of all involved is our first priority. In the meantime, please consider offering a session from the Empowering Conversations guided discussion series.

We thank you for your patience in these changing times.