Welcome New JLP Facilitators!

As spring welcomes the buds of new growth, the JLP warmly welcomes a new group of facilitators that have bloomed during the 9th Virtual Facilitator Orientation Session.

Thirteen federal public service employees from across Canada participated in the five-day orientation session from March 28 to April 7, 2022.

The popular Anti-Racism: Let’s Talk! discussion session was the focus of this orientation. The important topic of anti-racism was interwoven throughout the five days and each participant co-facilitated an activity from that session. The group created a supportive co-learning environment from day one.

Diana Montgomery, describes the experience as follows:

“The JLP Virtual Orientation was one of the best trainings I have ever done (and I have done a lot!). Admittedly, I was initially dreading the idea of five days over Zoom, but this was truly transformational. The facilitators created such a safe, welcoming, and engaging virtual space for us to learn, share, and connect. Thank you for this incredible opportunity. I am forever changed.”

— Diana Montgomery

Participant, Cynthia Huspeka-Michaud, volunteered and facilitated a beautiful activity where gifts of feedback were exchanged before the certificate presentation ceremony.

This was a special orientation session as it marked the last one for co-facilitator, Rachel Besharah, JLP Program Officer (union), before embarking on a new journey. Rachel co-facilitated this session with a sad partner, JLP Program Officer (employer), Nathalie Duquette.

Also participating in the closing ceremonies were the Regional Field Coordinators from the Prairies-Northwest Territories, Ontario-Nunavut, National Capital Region and the Atlantic as well as the Co-Directors Catherine Gilbert and Roxanne Lépine. The session was skillfully moderated by Désirée Yaxley, Program Delivery Administrator.

“Wow, the JLP Virtual Orientation Session was a very amazing experience.  The personal growth and connection to the group was so powerful. The virtual space that was created felt so safe and allowed rich dialogue and experience from the group.  The training was very experiential, and I will carry it with me as I receive the opportunity to co-facilitate my own JLP workshop.  Although, it has ignited a desire for further personal growth, it also instilled a confidence that I can do this!  I will always feel very grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the JLP.”

— Lisa Mercredi

The JLP is proud to welcome the latest cohort of facilitators to the JLP family!

Facilitators in Zoom videoconference

Top Row (L to R): Rachel Besharah, Nathalie Duquette, Éliane Galarneau
2nd Row: Carolynn Pedrick, Carrie Moore, Lisa Mercredi, Christine Piette
3rd Row: Jennifer Mak, Erika Mrazek, Valeriah Hwacha, Cynthia C. Huspeka-Michaud
4th Row: David Monster, Diana Montgomery, Christine Seidel, Latricia Beeston

“This is truly one of the most valuable sessions I have attended in my career. The skills are so transferable from other career experiences and the learning brought from everyone in the group is inspiring. It is absolutely outstanding.”

— Christine Seidel