JLP holds facilitator clinics across Canada

As the world shifts again and workers are returning to the office, the JLP is slowly re-establishing in-person workshops where the conditions allow. To support facilitators in this transition, JLP Regional Field Coordinators across the country are holding in-person clinics for facilitators. These clinics allow facilitators to connect with their colleagues, to review the principles of adult learning and to continue to develop core facilitation skills, with an emphasis on in-person facilitation.

a cake which reads, “Congratulations Tim”To date, three regions have held their clinics. Facilitators came together to strengthen their facilitation skills with a focus on in-person workshops, as well as building stronger ties with each other. Participants reviewed the principles of adult learning and were given the opportunity to co-facilitate a small exercise with their peers.

Prairies-Northwest Territories Region

In the Prairies-Northwest Territories region, clinics were held in Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg and were facilitated by Regional Field Coordinators Mindy Mackie (Union) and Karen Sokol (Employer).

In the clinic evaluations, participants summed up the experience, saying, “This clinic had helped to decrease my fears, increase my confidence and energize my passion to facilitate”. Another participant wrote, “This gave me back my confidence after being away from in-person learning for so long.”

In Regina, Tim Hubick was also recognized for reaching the significant milestone of facilitating 50 workshops in his JLP career thus far.

Regina Participants Winnipeg Participants Edmonton Participants

Tim Hubick
Angelina Lunde
Kelly MacDonald
Kara Bye
Sue Arling
Amy Stoik
Robin Joseph
Dustin Hockley
Janet McElligott
Carolynn Pedrick
Erika Mrazek
Shawna Grant

Nicole Papineau
Kristine Johnston
Corrinne Mitchell
Yvette Matousek-Wilson
Chris Seidel
Rachel d’Eschambault
Peter Gibson
Laura Jones
Craig Kremer
Jodi McFadden
Bernard Baloy
Glenn Hurd

Vicky Worrell
Tyla Tong
Sukhpal Sangha
Nihada Hasanovic
Vito Lam
Deb Rule
Lissette Serrano
Allan Tam
Heather Heystek
Katherine Hutt
Philippe Amoussou
Farzia Tapadar
Michelle Turner
Lisa Mercredi


National Capital Region

In the National Capital region, all clinics were held in Gatineau and facilitated by the Regional Field Coordinators for the region, Annik Campagna (Union) and Ronald Thériault (Employer). Participants got acquainted or reacquainted with their colleagues and counterparts and prepared themselves for the experience of face-to-face facilitating.A JLP folder and a notebook which reads, “Ideas” lie on a table.

One participant noted, “It was a great refresher, I have learned a lot of new skills. The two days were full of learning activities that helped to build confidence and connect with each other. I’m excited to start doing in-person again.”

Another wrote, I was so happy to get to meet new facilitators and to see some old friends. This was a great refresher of the skills we learned at Orientation, especially important for those who have become facilitators during the pandemic. I feel better equipped and more confident after this session.”


Participants Clinic One Participants Clinic Two

Claude Turpin
Véronique Langlois
Monique Tremblay
Barbara Hiom Beboua
Toufic El Daher
Stanley Decayette
Jodi Fournier
Suzanne Hehle
Antoine Bourdages

Laura de Ruiter
Christine Piette
Natalie Sarault
Alana McDonald
Susan Drysdale
Monica Chavez
Kylie Howsam
Beverly Le Drew
Waheed Khan
Jackie Zeng
Crystal Day
Valeriah Whacha
Janice Lobo-Dale
Lorraine Mason
Holly Melanson
Kim Sweeney


Ontario-Nunavut Region

A text box which reads, “The facilitators helped me and I’m ready! Let’s do this!!”The Ontario-Nunavut region hosted three clinics across the region. Regional Field Coordinators Ryan Winger (Union) and Teresa Morgan (Employer) travelled to Ajax, Mississauga, and Windsor to reach as many facilitators as possible. As in other regions, facilitators had a chance to try their hands at co-facilitating in a face-to-face environment with the participation of their peers.

The facilitators’ enthusiasm for the events was expressed in their evaluations. One participant wrote, “This gave me back my confidence after being away from in-person learning for so long.”A JLP poster sporting all participants’ names hangs on a door.

Another summed up their history with the JLP writing, “JLP has been one of the best learning experiences I have had the opportunity to be a part of. This clinic has helped to decrease my fears, increase my confidence, and energize my passion to facilitate.”


Ajax Participants Mississauga Participants Windsor Participants

Herb Alfaro
Brian Benson
Jack Botwinik
Fran Cohen
Heather Cruickshank
Tiana Gayle
Binu George
Christina McLeod
Angelo Manzara
Gord Mitchell
Karen Page
Renée Phillips-Samuels
Natalie Sitt
Shareen Somani
Veronica Williams
Lisa Wlock
Larisa Zhurakovskaya

Natashia Bennett-Nelson
Sandra Bosnjak
Kathryn Bunyan-McClendon
Sonya Chelliah
Marten Dykstra
Rosa Figueroa
Mary Jeyananthan
Patricia Jurczynski
Zahra Kotadia
Tamara Lopez
Aaron MacGregor
Suzanne McFarlane
Alpar Molnar
Elizabeth Reger
Geoff Ryan
Catherine Stubley

Sarah Barbisan
Rhonda Beauvais
Michael Cooper
Sally Craggs
Stephanie Denis
Marie-Élène Gauthier
Debbie Gouin
Sara Johnson
Christine Haggar
Jennifer Mak
James Marchand
David Moore
Sonal Parikh
Jessica Spafford
Joseph Truman


The success of the clinics is clearly reflected in the personal statements in the evaluations. It is also clear that facilitators are excited to get back to face to face workshops and now, they are better equipped to get back to the boardroom. The JLP is excited to move into a new era of offering workshops in-person as well as the virtual discussions developed throughout the pandemic.



All photos by Karen Sokol