JLP on front stage at the NJC 2018 Seminar

JLP Program Officers, Rachel Besharah and Nathalie Duquette, were invited to moderate the 2018 NJC Seminar in Montreal on September 20th. They led participants through the day’s agenda which was full of interesting speakers and presentations. Key guest speakers were Mr. Michael Ferguson, the Auditor General of Canada, and Mr. Joe Friday, the Public Service Integrity Commissioner. Also of great relevance was the panel discussion on Bill-65 (the Act to amend the Canada Labour Code related to harassment and violence). Hilary Flett (Labour Program, Employment and Social Development Canada), Seema Lamba (Human Rights, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)), Andrea Peart (Occupational Health & Safety, PSAC), and Stuart Wright (Compensation and Labour Relations, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat) each brought different perspectives on the new harassment and violence framework.

Other presentations included non-traditional gender roles, the GC Talent Cloud initiative, and the legalization of cannabis and workplace safety culture. The Co-Chairs of the Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace, Denis St-Jean and Jean-François Claude, also spoke about taking action to support mental health in the federal public service. They noted that JLP workshops are one of the key tools for building capacity in changing the culture as part of the strategy on mental health in the workplace.

Overall, it was a great event with approximately 150 participants taking part and it provided much opportunity for the JLP Co-Directors, Catherine Gilbert and Roxanne Lépine, to promote the Program.

Thank you to the NJC for this great collaboration opportunity!


Rachel Besharah and Nathalie Duquette with Mr. Joe Friday (left) and with Mr. Michael Ferguson (right).