JLP Offers Facilitators Unconscious Bias Training

Through October and November of this year, the JLP offered its active facilitators online learning events that examined unconscious bias. The sessions, entitled Best Practices to Interrupt Unconscious Bias and Lead Inclusively, were offered by Karima Kara of iexpressions.ca, bilingual facilitator, speaker, certified coach and mediator.

Facilitator reviews of learning event

Facilitators who participated analyzed scenarios and explored their implicit or hidden perceptions and blind spots that produce lightning-fast and at times misguided generalizations.  Participants increased their awareness of micro-inequities/aggressions and gained practical tips and tools to disrupt default thinking, to align their behavior with intention, make more skillful decisions and move from passive awareness to conscious action. 

Over 120 facilitators attended the sessions. In unlearning unconscious bias, JLP facilitators are building additional skills to better work with their groups and go deeper in group conversations. Best Practices to Interrupt Unconscious Bias and Lead Inclusively was offered within the JLP’s commitment to continued learning to its active facilitators, to help them become better-informed and agile facilitators and employees.