The JLP launches Anti-Racism: Let’s Talk!

The JLP is proud to announce the launch of Anti-Racism: Let’s Talk! on April 30, 2021. This new guided discussion in the Empowering Conversations series addresses an important and  timely topic in a workplace-focussed fashion. The six-hour session (with a one-hour lunch break) brings public service employees and their managers together to define racism, discuss how it is manifested in the workplace, and to identify ways to individually and collectively dismantle racism and promote racial justice.   

Participants will:Multicoloured spices

  • Review and discuss some of the historical and contemporary context of racism in Canada
  • Define various forms of racism and identified examples of how it is manifested in our workplaces and in the Federal Public Service
  • Discuss how unconscious bias perpetrates powerful ideas, creating stereotypes and promoting racism
  • Identify actions they can take to address race bias and stereotyping while working toward dismantling racism. 

 Each guided discussion stands alone: participants do not need to have participated in another Empowering Conversation to fully participate in Anti-Racism: Let’s Talk! However, participants will be expected to have prepared for the discussion by doing approximately one hour’s advance reading.

To host a facilitated discussion from the Empowering Conversations series, please submit a request on the JLP website or contact your local Regional Field Coordinators for more information.