The JLP launches Mental Health: Let’s Talk!

Today, the JLP launches the fourth in its Empowering Conversations discussion series: Mental Health: Let’s Talk!

The JLP workshop Mental Health in the Workplace made its debut in 2014. Groundbreaking at that time, the workshop has consistently been one of the JLP’s most popular offering since its launch.

As we begin to imagine what the world will look like post-COVID, public service employees are anticipating a bumpy return to the worksite. Almost 18 months of uncertainty, isolation and anxiety have taken its toll on employees’ mental health.

The newest Empowering Conversation is a guided discussion of 3 to 3.5 hours that will bring public service employees and their managers together to discuss lessons learned on maintaining mental health in difficult times and to begin identifying additional strategies for supporting workplace psychological health and safety. A lotus floats on water

During this session, participants will

  • discuss mental health as a continuum and the factors that impact it
  • identify workplace practices that support mental health
  • plan for renewed attention to support psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.

As with all other Empowering Conversations, Mental Health: Let’s Talk! is designed for unionized employees and their supervisors/managers of the same work teams with no more than 15 participants. Mental Health: Let’s Talk! is designed to be held via videoconference or teleconference.

To host a facilitated discussion from the Empowering Conversations series, please submit a request on the JLP website or contact your local Regional Field Coordinators for more information.