The JLP recognizes Labour Day 2021

September 6, 2021 marks Labour Day, which celebrates workers and the union movement both in the US and Canada. Prime Minister John Thompson declared the first Monday in September an official holiday in 1894.

This Labour Day, as many of us start to envision what a return to a “normal” workplace may look like, we have an opportunity to examine and leverage the good practices adopted over the past 18 months to better support work-life balance.  

Four hands holding each others' wrists for support

The JLP offers both guided discussions that give employees a chance to address these issues as a team as well as workshops that foster honest conversations between management and employees. Working together and talking about the issues can only improve the understanding of each other’s needs. We can find positive outcomes that will improve every workplace.  

Today, the JLP recognizes the importance of the work of unions, and the valuable partnership and collaboration of labour-management consultations. Work that strives to create safer and fairer workplaces for all is vital in all circumstances, and especially now.



Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash