The JLP marks International Workers’ Day 2023

Different colours and sizes of hands grasp a tree trunk side by sideMay 1 is recognized internationally as a day to commemorate and celebrate the achievements of the labour movement. The American Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions first demanded an eight-hour day on May 1, 1884. Though the eight-hour day would not be adopted for years, this day commemorates its introduction.

Building a strong and healthy workplace for all public-service employees is central to the mandate of the Joint Learning Program. A solid and respectful union-management partnership is essential to creating a safer workplace. Each workshop and guided discussion offered by the JLP is created and delivered with the goal of bringing that vision closer to reality.

On May 1, we recognize the tremendous progress this partnership has made possible over the years, and mark the many places where change is still necessary for the good of all workers.


Photo by Shance Rounce on Unsplash